KING OF KINGS tonight at Riverside Church demonstrated how to do the art of film accompaniment with a panache, uniformity, style, subtlety and CLASS that should be the example for the rest. It's that simple. Just brilliant and intelligent and, as a result, engaging in a way that was communicative and worthy of tremendous respect. Bach at the Garden of Gethsemane, the Agnus Dei chant at an appropriate moment and shadows of Mahler were but a few of the interwoven thoughts. It really doesn't get much better than this."
Stephen Tharp

One of the foremost Concert Organists of his generation, David Briggs enjoys a busy touring schedule that takes him all over the world.

He has built a reputation as an exciting performer and communicator, with particular emphases on orchestral transcriptions and the art of improvisation. David is increasingly in demand as a composer.

David Briggs is also Organist Emeritus of Gloucester Cathedral.

See David improvising to Phantom of the Opera at Ripon Cathedral here and see part of the Messe pour Notre-Dame here.

For concert bookings, or to enquire about new music, contact David here.

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